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Welcome to the site of the Great White Whale Center

We are Walter and Nadine, driving forces of the Great White Whale Center.

Our center stands for Love and may Be from the Heart.

That is why we have chosen to rent out the beautiful energetic spaces only for consciousness-expanding workshops.

The world already looks so chaotic that it is nice to find a place where you can relax.

We give a meditation evening together every Monday.

Nadine gives "Lu Jong", Tibetan healing yoga.

You can go to Walter for healing and channeling.

On our site you will find all info about this.

You can also go to the center for lectures, workshops, dance evenings, etc ...

Our teachers are all people who live out of awareness.

When everyone on earth consciously goes through life, we have put heaven on earth.

It may be a bit too early for this, but it can be realized in the future.

Many Masters have preceded us, we can only follow in their footsteps and live from our hearts.


Browse through our site, you might come across something that attracts your attention and that you can use to continue in your life.


If you have any questions, you can always fill in the contact form. We will answer this as quickly as possible.

In Light and Love,


Walter and Nadine


History of our center.



Twin rays.



"And when one of them meets his other half, the real half of himself, the couple is lost in astonishment of love and friendship and intimacy and they will not disappear from each other's sight, even for a moment."



2,500 years ago ...


The moment your soul was created, it possessed male-female, ying-yang polarity and energy. The love of God for you caused these two parts of consciousness, the male and female, to be connected together for eternity. The two halves were called twin rays or twin flames. In other words, there is only one twin aspect of your soul in the entire universe that vibrates at the same vibration of light as you do. This is an absolute and awesome thought. Anyway, the story is a bit more complicated than this simple explanation.

Thankfully we met again.





Origin of the name of our center.



Monique Duval a good knowledge and artist had a lot of paintings in storage at Shurgard. Because this was quite expensive, she asked us to store her paintings in our spacious center. We agreed and a date was set on which she would deliver everything.

That day Monique came to us and before she unpacked she said: "I have something to tell you".

That night she had dreamed.

She woke up three times with a name in her mind. After the second time, she thought, "Oh, that's with Walter and Nadine." When she got up in the morning, she had forgotten her dream, but while she was driving in the parking lot, she remembered her dream.

She told me (Nadine) her whole story and revealed the name: "Great White Whale Center"! This hit me like a bomb!

I felt this coming into my heart and with tears in my eyes I said: "I have to go get Walter, he is busy in the back of his craft room". "Walter" I said, "You have to come with me"

When we walked across the parking lot, the accompaniment spoke to Walter: "What they are going to tell is quite correct" And yes, the name "Great White Whale Center" resonated by Walter, before we had told anything.

So Monique told her story to Walter again and that's how the name of our center was born.

Monique had also seen the White Beluga in her dream and she asked if she could paint it for us. This artwork has now become the sign of our center.

Monique passed in July 2012, but we will always remember her.

Thank you Monique.

The original building, a diamond cutter, dates from 1958: 80 diamond cutters worked there. In the 70s and 90s it successively became a screen and offset printing company.

When it came on our path in 2008, it was empty for two years and was very worried.

In the initial phase that we, Walter and Nadine, got to know each other, we gave meditation together in Walter's apartment.

Our guidance reported that a larger building would come our way and so we started to move and surrender.

We did not have the financial means to buy anything at all.

We regularly looked around at properties and then our guidance always stated that it was "a good option".

One day a very good friend comes by and he wanted to help us to buy a property.

I (Nadine) had seen a building, but the amount was far above our budget, yet we went to look at the building together and when we were standing in the parking the guidance said: "This is the right choice!" We had not even seen the inside.

After an appointment with the broker we went to look: "what a space, what a work!" We thought.

All fears left behind we decided to continue.

The next step was: go to the notary and wait for the loan to be approved.

In the meantime there were a few problems with the bank and we switched to another bank at the last minute, where the loan was approved.

On July 1, 2008 we received the keys to the back building and we started with friends to turn the back building into what it is today.

Very good friends and our parents helped the first year every Saturday and Sunday. Every week there were other friends on post,

a number of friends also supported us financially. We could never have achieved this without them.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed in any way!

Geschiedenis van ons centrum

You may say I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one,

someday you will join us , and the World will be as one!

"John Lennon"

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