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I have been the organizer of the Great White Whale Center and Lu Jong teacher since 2014.

My story starts in 2004 when I decide to be kind to myself and end my 18 year marriage.

At that moment I knew Walter as a healer and asked him if he didn't know an apartment (close to my work and not too expensive), 'coincidentally' the son of the mother who lived above Walter had just come to report that she was going to a home and the apartment became free.

Immediately went to hear and what turned out, the rent was not expensive and all the furniture remained !!!

A gift from heaven.

After a few weeks with a lot of 'coincidences', I asked Walter to come and have a tea ....

and he never left.

From that time on my consciousness growth started and this continues.

I come from the healthcare sector and this comes in handy here in the center.

If you have any questions about renting the rooms, you can always contact me on the number 0486/315370

Nadine Keldermans

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