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I am a spiritual healer and channel, but my story starts in 1996.

I had my own business in painting and decoration work with 12 people and 2 years in advance fully booked.

At one point I got very sick, had blood drawn and it didn't look good. The doctor therefore advised me to go to the hospital immediately for admission.

My girlfriend at the time drove me to the hospital, when she took a turn I fell over in the car (I was sitting in the back seat) I could not get up myself anymore.

It was thickened: acute leukemia, I still had 12 hours to live (and 32% to survive).

For 6 months I have seen only eyes in the sterile rooms in the Middelheim hospital. I received chemo 4 times, 1 month in a row.

The doctors had told me that all my reflexes were burned from the chemo and that I could never work again. So the books of my business had to be officially deposited.

In the fifth month a friendly couple came to visit and the woman started telling a story. Suddenly a voice said to me: "this story is not true".

I thought I was going crazy, that not only my reflexes were burned but also something in my upper room!

The voice spoke and said, "No, we will prove this to you."

About a week later, that friend comes to visit alone and the voice was back and said, "Ask him to tell this story again!"

I resisted because it was quite possible that this friend would also declare me crazy, but no, he started telling this story back, but what happened: it was a different version anyway!

The voice spoke again: "And how does this feel for you?" For me this felt good indeed.

The voice went on to say: "From now on you have no message of lies in your future existence".

I asked myself what this was about: I was faced with a rehabilitation of at least two years!

From that moment, every time someone came to visit, my girlfriend, nursing staff ... every time they twisted the truth a little ... I knew it! The inner voice helped me with this.

For some, this meant quite a confrontation.

This process has continued to grow and at a certain point I was able to ask questions and they were answered.

For example, the conversations between the voice (now guides and counselors) and me have become stronger and stronger and I also use this guidance to help others.

I also received a healing technique from them so that I can and may remove all imbalances and charge the person back with the highest cosmic love light energy.

I help people to gain insight into certain situations so that you can live a better life, healthier and happier.

Of course we are supposed to work on ourselves, but we don't have to do everything alone.

Due to my connection with the supervision, I also have contact with entities.

So when you feel things in the house, feel tired and do not know where it comes from, there may be energies in your house or sticking to yourself that do not belong there. They also come to drain energy.

I will come to your house to purify or bring yourself and these entities or forms of energy back to the light.

You can reach me on the number 0479/613092

Walter van Velthoven

Jozef Reusenslei 182

2150 Borsbeek

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