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Dear reader,


The story how it all started and everything came our way can be read here!


But that story has a tail:

We are grateful for all the help, support and cooperation that we have received so far, but the costs are not over yet!


We have a problem in the mid-season with the heating, when it is around 22 degrees outside, the outside sensor indicates that the water should not be heated, in the halls it is then 18 ° and it is often not pleasant to enter it to work.


To make the center even more attractive, we want to place a veranda behind the building so that the participants can go to the back terrace more easily and it becomes easier for us to be able to offer drinks and refreshments there.


The costs for the heating are 8600 €

The costs for the veranda are € 16,000

Since we already have to repay a large amount, we are unable to collect these amounts; therefore our question to you.


If you want to sponsor, you can transfer an amount to the account of the Great White Whale Center.

These money will first be used to arrange the heating (necessary) and then the terrace.

We would like to keep you informed of the progress.


Thanks in advance for your cooperation.


The account number is;

Great White Whale Center

Jozef Reusenslei 182

2150 Borsbeek

BE03 9730 8264 9084


Please provide as description; sponsorship + your name.



Walter and Nadine.

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