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In 2013 I (Nadine) followed a training course for Tibetan healing yoga "Lu Jong" and am a certified Lu Jong Teacher


What is Tibetan healing yoga Lu Jong?

This Tibetan movement theory originated 8000 years ago with the aim of; self healing.


The basis of these exercises are ancient Tibetan exercises from different traditions.

Tulku Lobsang chose these exercises because they are the basis for a healthy mind in a healthy body.

He has adapted the exercises to our western bodies so that the movements are feasible for young and old, regardless of your physical limitations.

Your body becomes smoother and more powerful and your mind calm but still awake and alert.


These exercises not only bring relaxation but also healing, health and happiness.

They are simple movements that can be performed by anyone, and the effect of which can be felt very quickly.

Through a combination of form, movement and rhythmic breathing, we gently care for the spine and open subtle body channels. In this way blockages are gently released and the energy can flow in the right way again.

This improves your physical health, you see things clearer and you feel more energy.


Through Lu young we learn to be in the here and now. It increases our body awareness and calms the mind.


Each lesson always starts with a warm-up, followed by yoga exercises and ended with a meditation / relaxation.

Taji lung zin.jpg

Tibetaanse healing yoga Lu Jong

Although Lu jong is simple it can change your life

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