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The Mirror: to protect you:


You visualize a tube with a comfortable cross-section around you.

You stand in that tube and it is completely covered with a mirror both inside and outside.

That which is still needed for you, you keep looking in your mirror.

That which comes to you from the outside and which is not the intention is then reflected by the outside mirror.

When you do this, say: I place this mirror tube until I repeat this.


Protective energy with the smoke:


You see violet smoke coming out of your head from the top of your head and let it whirl all the way around your body. You can also use your entire home with it.

Then do the same with golden smoke and again with white smoke.

The supporting energy of the violet is the purification.

This of the gold is the protection and the shielding.

This one of the white is the overarching protection of Earth Angel Michael.

Good luck.

Do this every morning and evening with a good grounding, growing roots from your feet and bumping all the way to the center of mother earth. (see ground meditation on the website)


Warm hug,

Walter and Nadine.


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