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D-Linking meditation by Roy Martina


Relax as well as you can.

Become aware of your feet and become aware of the connection you have with mother earth.

You can feel it ……… .. all negativity flows from your body, through the feet, through the energetic roots deep into the earth, where everything that is out of balance, that is disharmonic, is completely burned in the core of the earth… ………… .the fire of transformation.

The Earth is sending back: healing energy that is then absorbed by the feet again, fully absorbed ... ... pure electromagnetic healing energy from Mother Earth.

Become aware of the energy that flows back ……… now connect it to your breathing.

When you exhale you let go of all negativity, you let go of everything you no longer want in your life.

When you breathe in you absorb the healing energy of mother Earth through your feet. The healing energy flows in and brings everything back into balance, the body becomes better and better in self-healing. This goes on day and night even if you are not aware of it. Wonderfully healing energy flows to all parts of the body that need it.

All organs, all tissues now completely at rest.


Now become aware of the crystal under your feet that ensures that only the energy you need is absorbed in the precision energy. Everything you don't need is passed on to the environment.

Now become aware of the crown chakra: there comes the Light of the Universe. Millions of rays of light enter a funnel completely absorbed by the chakras. feel that, how that Light flows in ... ... Delicious golden particles that are absorbed in all cells of the body. Your heart is filled with unconditional love.


You will completely relax and in a moment you will start cutting the ties with a person who is now important to you. A person or a situation that you are thinking of now, it can be anyone or whatever. What you want to experience differently in the future.

It may also be that you want to deal with certain things in your life differently.

On the count of 3 you are in the pyramid.

The pyramid consists of 2 parts: the upper part is blue transparent and the mirror part is gold transparent.

1 - 2 - 3

You are now in the pyramid and you are now aware of the 4 helpers that are there: 4 angels: Raphael, Michael, Zadkiel and Uriel ... also the master Saint Germain is present to support you with your karmic processes.

On the count of 3, the other person or situation will appear in metaphorical form, about a meter and a half away from you.

1 - 2 - 3

Become aware of the person or situation now. And in this beautiful transparent blue pyramid you can now become aware of the ties that are between you and that person or situation ………… .. now they will become aware.

Maybe you can see, feel, hear ………… .. it doesn't matter.

You have been connected for some time through negative resonances, even those that go far back. It can be emotional matters but it can also be other things ... it doesn't matter.

On the count of 3 we ask Archangel Michael to cut these ties.

1 - 2 - 3

maybe you can see it, maybe you can feel it, maybe you can hear it ... ... but the archangel Michael is now cutting all the bands with his blue-flaming sword; both on your side and on the other's side.

These tires now fall to the ground, they are now cut and possibly if the other person can still hit you that you have to do it again; there are tires that can be stubborn. You continue to do this until you can fully see the other person or situation without negative emotions. You can stay in your power, what they do no longer influences your peace of mind.


We now ask the master Saint Germain to ignite the Ultraviolet Light.

1 - 2 - 3

and again you become aware of connections, bonds that exist, that exist from past lives, previous experiences, previous relationships, previous connections, all of which are now dissolved in the Ultraviolet Light of the master Saint Germain.

On the count of 7 all these interdimensional tires have been completely burned.

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

Feel now that more and more peace comes to you when you think about the other person or the situation.

What they do or say or even think no longer influences your peace of mind. They can do anything and say what they want. You stand up for yourself.

From now on you tell your truth in a loving and powerful way.


And now we ask the Archangel Raphael to do a healing through which all causes, all traumas, are healed to deep chakra level.

The archangel Rafaël is now going to work with you: energy flows through his hands or his intention into the places that need it.

The chakras are now fully balanced.

On the count of 7 it is completely ready 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7


There is now more peace, more power in you when you deal with the other or with the situation. You can now see it in a larger context, you can now see that you are learning to become more powerful and that the other person plays a role in it. The other creates the situation for you so that you can become stronger, more powerful, and more and more able to stay in your own strength.


Now it's time for the final ritual.

You look at the other person or the situation and say the following words:

- I take my strength back and I give you your strength back.

- I take my freedom back and I give you your freedom back.

- I take back what is mine, including my soul fragments and I give you back what is yours, including your soul fragments.

Feel more calm now, more acceptance, more respect for yourself and for the other.


It is now time to forgive:

- I forgive you for all the pain and suffering you have caused me.

Now feel that you truly forgive from your heart, that you understand that the other is acting from their own image of reality, from their past, their traumas, all the pain that has been done to them they project onto others as we all do. Say now :

- I forgive you and I ask you to forgive me for all the pain and suffering I have caused you

even though we are not always aware of it, the other can also feel rejected by us. Whether we do that consciously or unconsciously no longer matters.

We ask the other to forgive us.


Now it's time to forgive ourselves:

- I forgive myself that I have taken this pain with me for so long.

- I forgive myself that I was not in my strength.

- I forgive myself that I have lowered myself to this level. That I have come to believe that someone else can hurt me.

- I forgive myself for everything that I have done consciously or unconsciously that caused me to suffer longer

The forgiveness is now done.


It is time to close this chapter. Say softly

- the past remains in the past and no longer influences the present and the future. The only thing that can still bind us is love from heart to heart.

- I wish you all the best and a good, successful, healthy and happy life. The same thing I wish for myself.

- I let you go in peace and gratitude for the lessons.


It is now time to say goodbye. Release on count 3.

1 - 2 - 3

Now return to the here and now and become aware of the following:

That this person or situation plays a role, has assumed a role that had already been agreed upon before we arrived here on earth. This person or situation has volunteered to help us become more powerful.

The ultimate goal is that nothing or nobody can get us out of our strength.

From now on we have understood this game. We know that the others are here to test us, see if we can stay in our power.

From now on we will immediately become aware when we are not in our strength and will be able to immediately cut through the bands by breathing deeply in and out.

Every time you do this exercise, it becomes easier and easier to cut the bands very quickly, to step out of the spider web of negative connections and just walk the path of love.

And love means first and foremost love for ourselves.

Staying in our strength, setting our limits and not allowing ourselves to be taken away from that strength.

When someone else treats us with disrespect, we remain respectful because we remain connected to our strength.


Become aware again of the connection with all those rays that come from the stars, from the universe and from the connection with the earth and you now become aware of the connection in your heart. With every heartbeat your heart pumps all the colors of the rainbow in all directions into the body and around the body.

That is who we are: immortal, spiritual beings, immortal energies that use the body to experience and learn from 3dimensional life.


Take a deep breath and come back to yourself completely, come back completely in your own strength. All the way back to the here and now. On the count of 3 you are completely back here and now.

1 - 2 - 3


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