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Meditation for health


Health meditation,


1.Relaxation: - control calm deep breathing.

-coating and flow of light blue, warm light.

- heart connection

- contact guides.


2. Attention to the body (from the solar plexus)

- affirmation "I am safe in myself"

- attentively throughout the body in deep feeling with it


3. Visualization: a) The tree = an Oak:

The oak grows in yourself

- the roots deep and wide in the earth

= grounding: take power

The ballast (tension, fatigue, uncertainty and anxiety) run off.

- the crown and branches wide and high in the sky

= Expansion: grow above, emerge from the current problems / self-manifestation.


b) Stimulation of the function (= revitalization)

- the red and white males now live more and more safely in their environment and become stronger and multiply.

- the order service improves the proper function by radiation throughout the body.


4. Relaxation: - release all images

- calm deep breathing

- let the tensions flow away along the feet

- absorb the earth energy through feet and tail

- harmonize crown and tail.

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