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Love breathing

The meditation of the love breath helps you connect with this vessel and tune into divine love. Take the following steps every morning and every evening for five to ten minutes or until you feel that you are only love and only act out of love and feel that love is omnipresent. Notice how you are doing after you have done the exercise for about a month. You will feel the divine presence very close to you. You will be able to look into the divine vessel and clearly recognize which treasures you have.


1 Imagine how you are connected to a ray of pure love coming from the heart of the divine mother, from the divine father or from the universe (or from another source, no matter what you believe) to your heart chakra flows in the middle of your chest.


2 Breathe this love deep into your lungs and then say with all your heart: "I am love," and feel how love flows into you and fills you completely. Hold your breath for a moment and feel the love in yourself before you exhale.


3 Slowly breathe this love into your whole body and then gently say with all your heart: "I am love," as you imagine how this love fills every single cell of your body. Then, as you exhale, imagine how love flows into the world from your aura or energy field.


4 Then say to your body several times: "I love you, I love you ..." until it tickles everywhere.


Then start all over again and keep repeating the exercise for five to ten minutes.


This exercise opens your cells and your DNA so that you become more receptive to pure love and the divine presence. The exercise strengthens your spiritual heart and your ability to attract, hold and radiate love to the world. The exercise changes your frequency and will therefore change your life. You will increasingly be in harmony with the divine and with the universe. Your goals and wishes will be realized with less and less effort and what you create becomes more and more visible in your life in a wonderful way. Your DNA will open so that you will connect to your Akasha. You are very close to your higher self and you can become one with it and become completely absorbed in it. You can develop and become more and more who you really are.


Be open to communicating with your higher self. You just have to make the decision. Yes, you hear well. Everything is easy in the new energy. Now simply make the decision to fully open yourself for communicating with your higher self.


Open yourself again for experiencing gratitude. Gratitude for your body, that wonderful instrument. Let this gratitude become stronger and stronger in your heart, let it pulsate there. Experience this gratitude also in your body and in your thinking. Be grateful for this wonderful creative power that your thoughts give you. With your thinking and with your decisions you create your future. Your free will ensures that exactly those thoughts arise in your mind that create exactly the future for you that you desire. So be thankful that you possess that wisdom, that knowledge, this close connection to your divine core with which you are connected to the source of creation.


Now put your hand on your heart and say three times in a row



Now enjoy the feeling that has descended on you.




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