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Grounding meditation


You see in front of you a beautiful beautiful tree that tree that you like

a large trunk, a beautiful crown, all those leaves, all those shapes, all those colors

maybe your tree bears fruit or flowers, it's your tree.

While enjoying the radiance of your tree, you step quietly towards it and when you arrive at its trunk you step into your tree.

Your tree has a place in which you fit perfectly as you sit here and now

now let you also become one with your tree feel or see all that sap flowing and energies going up and down.

With such a downward movement you go along and then you see that from both your feet and from your bump, your lower back now leaves roots straight down in the earth

and immediately in the earth at about half a meter depth you come to your first energetic gate, your earth star and at about a meter depth you come to your second energetic gate, your dolphin matrix, your dolphin level.

When you are 4 meters deep with your roots, leave all your roots horizontal

grow ahead of you, left of you, behind you, along the right, and diagonally in all directions

now let you grow a very round plateau in the earth with the same diameter as the

crown of the tree above the ground.

All those roots make side shoots and branch over and under each other

they mature throughout this round plateau.


When you are ready, you notice that all your roots are growing straight down,

all those roots that make their way deeper and deeper down into the earth.

Halfway through our trajectory we come across blue colors, this is the level of the inner cities where all information is stored from all the masters and higher masters who were once on earth.

Again our roots force a way deeper and deeper down to cross our whale level on our path, our whale matrix and again we go deeper to finally arrive in the center of mother earth where everything is sown lies with beautiful crystals and in the middle is that gigantic beautiful diamond from mother earth and between all these crystals all our roots now anchor.

If you're having trouble with this, choose a carrot and write your name and birth date on it so that you can recognize it much more quickly.

In the meantime we feel how good it feels there in that center of mother earth, it is coming home.

When you look around you, you spontaneously see a color there.

This spontaneous color is your color for grounding, your earthing color.

Now every time we breathe in, we breathe in, this priming color

pull a piece upwards, always higher, and higher and then finally come back above the ground.


For women, we raise this priming color to the second chakra under the navel, the lower abdomen and for the men, to the first chakra, the basic chakra, and now we are sitting in a circular bath of our earthing.

Feel how stuck you are. Feel that connection.

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