The Old Man through Walter December 22, 2014


I am The Old Man, and since time immemorial it has been my task, like my three other brothers on earth, to clarify the ESSENCE of the presence of every being.


BEING who you ARE is so important in this new cycle of cycles, because you as a SOUL have chosen to work with, to work together on the fulfillment of that which belongs to the Cosmic Plan with this beautiful planet EARTH.


Your soul choice carries within it the full EXPERIENCE, the experience of ALL possibilities, which are possible as a SOUL UNIT in a physical material structure to live through, to understand, to experience and to manifest manifestly in an awareness process.


That is why it is so important that this information is repeated again and again, in such a way that every aspect in your DNA and in EACH cell in whatever memory it contains awakens, reactivates so that surrender, acceptance in every your back manifest is made. The acceptance of what YOURSELF has chosen, in the distant past, to help realize this on earth.


A total learning process, from experience, and through experience, from all possibilities. And this is what you all as old souls, one by one, have already achieved so well. And we can only thank and congratulate and encourage you on your beautiful path. Your path of optimal awareness, of all forms of creativity that you carry in you to become aware of this and to put this ACTIVELY into realization in everything, but also in everything you do, what you think, what you feel, what you experience one hundred percent.


And that which is not yet clear becomes clear. But, I also need to clarify to you that in the current process, in the current phase, we understand very well how DIFFICULT it can be for you to stay with yourself, and the reason for that is that you regularly have regular contact with you lose yourself!


The contact with yourself as a soul. Losing contact with your feelings, with your intuition. And the only thing that is still available to help you become Aware of this is to connect you to the lower energies of the third dimension. There is no other way. So go into accepting this clarification, and do not see it as a punishment or a negative event, but be grateful that your learning process is made possible in this way, through this way, through this way. And at the optimum pace that you can handle, that's why DOOR continues. If you are struggling, make contact again with your feelings, with your heart, in such a way that you get back to connecting again and again with who you really are, your gift, your soul, your soul being.


We therefore ask with AANDRANG: make this work!



It is in the chaos, in the totality of confrontation, in the world that this chaos stands for, that so many people lose themselves in patterns, end up where they actually no longer see. And again this is not necessary. Realize that you have the choice, again and again, through the contact with your heart, with the warmth, with the feeling of LIFE in that heart, that in this way you always have the choice again and again to actually to return to your feeling.


We urge this again, so that in the meantime, between the difficult pieces, the difficult confrontations become smaller and smaller. That the periods of feeling good, being happy, experiencing balance are getting longer and longer.


And all this from your great motivation that you as old souls belong to the forerunners, the preparers of that field in which so many others, who came to you in later incarnations, that you can receive them. That you have been able to form a bed for them from your already learned, manifested insights.


And again the adjustments of the limitations in the physical matter body are in full swing, and realize that the actual descent of the Christ energy to planet earth is manifesting in your census year 2038.

This is another huge beacon in this process. But, at the same time, realize that you are not supposed to be blinded by that, but on the contrary it is a motivation in yourself for yourself and for the choice that you have made as a soul, to be more aware every day, every moment with all that you still contribute as ballast.


We and then I speak on behalf of all the attendants here, from all your guides: We are very grateful to you, and we bow out of respect for you NOW, and please accept our respect, because you are more than worth it. So no longer allow yourself to be thwarted by your ego, by your mental thought structure, but always try to stay as close as possible to your soul connection.

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