St Germain transfer to Margriet on 25/06/12


I'm St. Germain,


I surround you with my Violet Light and invite you all to be enthusiastically present in the energy field of the ohm crystal, in my etheric space.

Each of you will recall a reminder within yourself of what you have made manifest in the Golden Age of Atlantis, which we have pushed back because of pain.

Pain because you have not been able to fully express yourself; that which you intended in your love life to do in that incarnation.

But feel free to be a beloved being in incarnation; as you heard in the beginning of the evening, the words spoken by my messenger, now is the time for everything; to release old memories, old pain, old beliefs, so that your knowledge and your wisdom and love may flow back into everything that is in motion, to your fellow man, to the animals, to our beloved planet mother earth.

Surround yourself for as long as possible with this energy of the ohm crystal, which has been activated by the Crystalline Council of Light for the last 7 days to 100 percent. Each of you can and may take the liberty to be present as often as you need are in this energy;

who is so recognizable for each of you because you have all lived with it in another era, but as you know, time does not exist; the past, the future, everything is possible in this moment.

We surround you in love, we are proud of the courageous way in which you are willing to transcend all this in the earthly and to show your divine being again in this and following incarnations in which you will certainly help bring everything to the Golden Age

Once again I surround you with my violet love and I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to turn to you


I'm St. Germain,

Namaste dear friends



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