Sir Thomas

Greetings, dear ones, I am Sir Thomas one of the nine of the Council of Nine.

I address you with a deep request. We in our capacity as companions, leaders of the whole human aspect, the entire earth aspect of the planet and all cosmic aspects, which you cannot understand with respect, but which I must mention anyway.

We would like to provide you with a broadening insight.

What we have noticed for so long in every human individual is the inner loneliness, which is of course not constantly present but still available. You know this or you don't know this, but the inner loneliness in humanity is the greatest form of pain on planet Earth. To mitigate this, we urge you to focus more consciously in your thoughts to focus on those moments when you have a hard time at all that you do have and how poor you may think you are in your own standards, you are very rich. This beautiful planet with its fauna and flora this beautiful community of people with all their gifts all their qualities with their art, their skills have created around you what you notice what you see what you see through all forms through hearing, through sight , through the feeling. As you dwell more on this wealth and go around this awareness of that wealth, in gratitude, a new world opens up to you. A new form of consciousness apart from all those beliefs that let you down in limitation, in hindrance, in pain in sadness, in loneliness. We urge this and of course have the infinite respectful honor towards you of your free choice but we ask this because for each of you as a soul that you are, this is completely strict and consistent with who you really are as a soul.

We thank you for accepting this information in yourself. We bless you with all the energies that guide you in this, the entire cosmos, the entire planet, and every cell is in transformation. Understand from this insight that what you see as a problem, an imbalance or a difficulty is only your own construction. We enrich this out of love because each individual is worth this to each of you. We thank you and congratulate you on the path you have walked so far. Every positive form every positive growth, no matter how small, also makes us happy. for realize that we, that you, that everything is one in love in compassion in full respect.

I'm Sir Thomas



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