Setchaem January 2014


My name is Setchaem

I am the representative of the Galactic Federation.

I speak to you on behalf of all guides, Earthly and Extraterrestrial, who have been helping you in your process of evolution and awareness for so long, now and in the future.

We will now, at the end of this era as you see it, thank you for your commitment in the first year of the new cycle.

We know that for many it is quite a job to stay on your straight line through the clusters of confusion of beliefs.

Realize and accept, dear ones, that we treat you with the full respect that you deserve. Many of us have experienced physical incarnations and know and feel what this means for you at the moment, how difficult this assignment can be.

But therefore our utmost respect for the way in which you repeatedly choose the impulse for the voice from your heart, from the soul that you are.

Know and accept, constantly feel our presence and support this oh so important process that you have chosen to work on now and in the coming period.

It is one huge, huge partnership whose scope you cannot possibly comprehend, but in this limitation you put this down.

Therefore once again our enormous respect, our enormous gratitude and our complete surrender in full support in all respects to you.

Thank you, you are beautiful light beings, enormously powerful, you are the light one by one.

We greet you from the highest respect,

I am lord Setchaem,




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