Setchaem 27/08/12


Greetings dear ones, I am Lord Setchaem representative of the Galactic Federation.

We greet you from all our levels in gratitude for your efforts.

We urge you to continue your path and especially then, in full confidence, in full surrender from your own intuition, you realize and trust too little in your feelings.

You still do not make the link between your feelings and your soul individuality too little, there is still too much a belief that you are this physical body.

That is why, once again, we urge you to see yourself more and more day-to-day as a beautiful Divine being, soul being, which is present here in a physical form, such that through this imaging your connection with that soul that you are, more and more manifest that this is finally your new conviction, conviction that is fully consistent with the reality of being one hundred percent.

So continue on this path and build this surrender step by step and build this confidence in yourself towards yourself and towards everything that is.

Go ahead, you are always helped and supported at all times not only by your own guidance and your own guidance but by so many thousands of beings from so many different systems that go beyond your comprehension because each being has the deeper endeavor to help you support and to guide you through this extremely difficult process for you.

We fully understand and respect this, but also realize that if your essence, your soul formation, who each of you is not of such a gigantic order, would be impossible for you to realize this work.

We ask you urgently, finally let go of the little image that you have of yourself, be who you are, put down from your heart, from your feeling, from your intuition, all summarized from your soul being what you are and enjoy all this positivity that comes with this choice, because step by step you will come back into the connection with that which means coming home to each of you.

Coming home to yourself is also coming away from the illusion, from the trust, from the surrender to that which your soul gives you through your feeling through your intuition.

We thank you for your enormous commitment.

We respect you in a way that you cannot imagine and yet it is so.

We only have one word for this, THANKS.

I am Lord Setchaem representative of the Galactic Federation.



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