Setchaem December 21, 2012


May I ask to open your heart, go with your attention to your heart, stand in that love in that balance and let what is now coming to message in your heart reflect, resonate, feel what it does to you.


Greetings, dear ones,

I am Lord Setchaem, I am the representative of the Galactic Federations.

My word I start with is: THANK YOU.

All the light world, all your guides, all your guides, all energies from the inner Earth of Helos, from the Lemurian origin, from the Atlantic origin, from all cosmic fields of origin, say THANK YOU.

By being in alignment with your soul level you can understand, accept, allow this.

But I assure you, it is impossible for you to estimate the scope, to estimate the scope of your joint effort.

We only have one word, one statement, THANK YOU.

THANK YOU for your commitment, THANK YOU for your commitment in a physical body with all its limitations in the slowness of matter in the duality form, and yet you have realized this.

We could not do this, no, we all needed you because you chose on a soul level to incarnate in a physical body to help realize this and make it possible.

So once again, THANK YOU, and it is impossible for you to realize what the new time is, you have occasionally been able to catch a glimpse, an experience, a snapshot, but we urge you, go on, stay in your heart no matter what happens, go into that connection, stay in touch with who you really are, your soul, you as a soul being.

We are so THANKS, it is a party where the size of you cannot contain,

a reversal through all times.

Eons ago were planted here for the seeds by several of you present here and now from the difficult and difficult cooperation you have realized this.


So stay in the confidence, stay in the surrender, stay present in your heart.

We THANK YOU for playing this game in such a way that not only planet earth and everything that goes with it in this renewed form, this golden age evolves, but realization or acceptance that this given has an impact has an untold impact on all creation.

The help the support is immense, the gratitude is immense.

We bow to you with great respect, with enormous gratitude.

Be blessed for who you are. THANK YOU.

I am Lord Setchaem.


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