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Rainbow meditation: to purify and charge people and buildings.


- First ground well


- Visualize in front of you a beautiful rainbow that leaves from the center of Mother Earth to the Central Sun.


- Let it spin around its axis, it will now become a cone-shaped tornado standing in front of you with the tip down.


- Let it stand above you with its point in your crown chakra and so sinking down through your body.


- He takes away all the tensions, thoughts and troubles that you no longer need.


- Then you see him in front of you in a beautiful green meadow and let him drain everything through his point into Mother Earth that he has purified and drained away from you (this way all of this in the earth is polarized by the Earth Beings and the Gnomes to positive energy for Mother Earth.) You then put it back above your head to fully recharge with positive energy.


- So do this exercise first for yourself, then for your home, your working atmosphere with the accompanying people and eventually you also let it spin around the Earth and do its work through the Cosmos.

- Don't forget to have him drain everything into the Earth every time and then recharge everything again with positive energy from your rainbow tornado.

- Enjoy all those beautiful colors in between.




We wish you every success.




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