Hathor Mie on the world meditation November 5, 2012


Loved ones,

I am Mie one of the delegates of the Lion People known as the Hathors on planet earth.

I can only speak in the name of all my people, our gratitude cannot be expressed in human terms or in human vocabulary.

Thank You, Thank You, every individual in this wonderful collaboration around the world, Thank You for being who you are.

Thank You for responding to the call of your heart that comes from the impulse of the soul that you are.

Thank You for making this correct choice, this correct choice that corresponds to the choice of who you are as a soul.

Thank You for your intention to choose to cooperate, Thank You for being who you are.

We have known each other for a very long time, we have met each other eons ago, the choice to work together in the construction of planet earth and the constructions that are cosmically connected to this, was already established then.

Thank you for choosing to be present in this incarnation form to help prepare for this completion, this final phase of this cycle, to help bring about, thank you.

So continue in this full confidence as you were able to experience this again tonight.

Stay in your appreciation, stay in your gratitude, stay with the truth in your heart.

Thank you.


I'm Hathor Mie.



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