Hathor Mie


On Monday 10/09/2012 there was again a beautiful meditation in a loving energy.

The Hathor had asked Walter to come into the meditation room to be extra present, and at the end of the meditation the Hathor Mie came through with a channeling. see read more ...



Greetings, dear ones,

I am Mie, sanded from the Lion People on Earth.

We the Hathors guide you for longer than your memory can remember in any form. Longer than you have ever incarnated on this planet. From your star of origin, we were already active here.

We love you dearly, so much that even for the human feeling it cannot be represented, is incomprehensible, can be displayed emotionally, because it cannot be matched.

We are enormously happy with each of you, we are extremely proud of each of you's process, each of you without exception, doing well, you go your way, you go into surrender, you go into trust, you go for love.

But we emphasize that too much of your love is being fragmented, first toward others, toward other goals, or toward your own process.

Of course it is a course of events as you usually call it, of course it has to follow its path yet in support of your process we urge you to fully focus your attention, with your love, first look at yourself and by looking at yourself more and more you also get to know yourself much better and you are not trying to get to know all those others first and you are wasting your time and energy on what is not currently on the table, every individual should be busy to be with oneself with his or her own growth process with her or his feelings in a joint construction so that each individual grows optimally in positive wording, of positive qualities, of positive constructive insights, in order to ultimately become aware "WHO YOU ARE THEN".

So go ahead but from this new insight new intentions are needed to focus even more on your own process, very loving, very playful, very flexible and especially VERY.

VERY in the sense of being repeatedly satisfied with reward from your soul aspect every time you do something right, towards yourself, reward is immediate, and this little by little makes you VERY, on all levels on all levels and in all dimensions and what you are helping to realize here that so many thousands of years ago to help you realize this, NOW, is what you represent at the soul level, that which is completely be whole, can be understood under one word for your concepts in that one word LOVE. Love in all its facets that you have been able to catch a glimpse up to now, but trust that more and more in deeper forms you will find finer attunements to what actual love really is and means.

So go on again, play the game, because this is it, the game of awakening of VERY becoming through all these different phases of dimensions to optimal realization of the purification of imbalances and realizations of the optimal positive creation LOVE.

We thank you from a level that is beyond your comprehension, but that is not necessary either, just go into accepting this gratitude and feel them coming in, NOW at this very moment of gentle vibration as a caress for the whole your body.

We let you feel it now, denying is of no use because this transcends the level of denial, this transcends any level of limitation. .

So go on again, in full confidence, in full surrender and insight that you are all creators of LOVE one by one.

Thank you

I'm Mie,



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