Hathor Mie 25/06/12


My Name is Mie.

I am the representative of the people for many of you known as the Hathors. It is the first time that I am addressing you through this person.

That which manifests itself during this period is enormously important and of course we desire and we also do not expect that you can comprehend this optimally.

This is not necessary either; we the Hathors, come from a different system and once came to planet earth through your well-known planet Sirius and have settled on the planet Venus for quite some time.

Eons ago already, in periods that are not described anywhere on earth but the characteristics are still present, we already came here to help guide and guide this planet and its habitation in all its facets and also humanity with the necessary knowledge have taught them to go through all these cycles and all these processes.

The teaching and I repeat this word, the teaching is the most important aspect to allow into yourself and especially into the others.

We have helped humanity to realize the 3 great pyramids in the land of Egypt, we have helped with the alignment of the great sphinx and many other projects as well as the daily guidance of individuals.

We once chose Mary, we once chose Mary Magdalene as a partner of the light bringer; the Christ, in order to continue the line of the lion people, whatever our name.

Understand therefore why in your tradition the temple in Jerusalem still needs to be opened the lion's gate

This is the gateway in the continuation of the new creation in which we, too, continue to help and support all of humanity and this planet whatever the choices may be.

Realize and believe that what is necessary also happens, but that what is not intended will not happen.

This is necessary, clarify this to you, so that you can finally get rid of all those old processes with all those old beliefs based on fear; let go of this, stop this own creation.

Because it is one of the greatest inhibitors of your wonderful evolution of your heavenly process

We thank you on the level that exceeds your comprehension, but feel it in your heart, feel our warmth, feel our inexhaustible love for you and go into the surrender, go into the confidence, so that your creative power becomes optimally manifest

thank you

I'm Mie




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