Channeling Grandma Chandra, September 23, 2013


Grandma Chandra has worked all of us on all of us and she has another message.


My name is Chandra, Chief Golden Light Eagle gave me the additional name of Grandma while in the human body I am so young.

The reason why; is because of the level that I am a representative of .; You can call me Grandma and it's ok.

I will continue to speak to you in your language.

I speak all languages ​​and I am present here today because certain processes were still present in each of you, your merit was to work even further and I have done this.

I have to give you one more thing, one clarification.

As you know I am multi-dimensional, this means; present in multiple dimensions at the same time, so I can also move spontaneously from one to the other to pick up what is happening at that moment.

I need to clarify you; that you too, each of you, every human being on this planet; Is multi-dimensional.

On a soul level, you too are, of course, present as a aspect of that soul on this planet earth in a physical body but also present in eleven other dimensions at the same time, and perhaps you already knew this, but what is important is that you also accept this.

Because of that acceptance you can retrieve the information from your heart, from your feeling, from your intuition, your soul that you are, because your soul knows all the information. It is only the limitation of the beliefs that form the great ballast in you, the shielding, the failure to go fully into the trust, into the surrender, into the feeling because your mental mind is constantly re-utilizing all these beliefs;

And this, so as not to allow you into your soul function. But realize that; that which I and so many other higher beings, which we all, continuously anchor to this earth, bring in, realize, so that we will make it easier for you to admit this.

Therefore please do not go in any form of fear. Stay in that trust, stay in that surrender; because all help, all support is present; it is only your free choice.

Your point of view that determines what it can look like for you and we have only one concern and that is the optimum happiness of each individual continuously not just a moment, not just a fragment, no, continuous.

Let this penetrate well in the coming days and weeks. I regularly remind you of it even if you do not recognize me, I will come to help and support you.

So go ahead and know that you are so loved that we treat you with more respect than you can imagine. You are the creators you have the full potential and we know that you realize this. So let this also be the support for your trust.

I greet you, I am Chandra.


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