Chanelling Lord Metatron through Walter January 5, 2015


Greetings, dear ones!


My name is Metatron. I am the representative of many worlds, and in particular, my main function is to be the preparer of final stages, and the launch of The New Beginning.

And, I have guided you all, in the completion of the previous phase, and it did not go without turbulence, but you have brought this all well off one by one.


This is your own achievement, and the start-up in your 2013 census of the New Cycle is that we, of course, as accompanying forms continue to support, guide and keep alert to all that is at stake in the New Phase , in proportion to your own choice, for this incarnation, and the process of growth, the awareness process and the process of experience that is associated with this for you each, specifically.


You must be well aware that we, as supervisors, have the perfect knowledge, but that we can only make you aware, via signals, in order to be able to make the correct choices. You are the uniqueness of a soul aspect To be in embodiment in a PHYSICAL form. We don't have that. That is why it is up to you, as a huge, enormous possibility, to teach all aspects that belong to the souls' choice groups to manifest in groups. And throughout this event we see the importance of clarifying the concept of UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS. Each of you without exception has her or his consciousness. And this has nothing to do with mental intelligence. Your own consciousness is your process of growth, depending on what you as a soul have chosen for before the incarnation, and to what extent you have already realized this, and this in all those many incarnations until now. Throughout this process it is important to realize that you are one on a soul level. And from this concept of unity, that UNITY-SOUL, you understand how important it is, and it continues to evolve further and further in its becoming of cooperation.


The individual goes through his own teaching through experience, but in realization, in PUTTING down, in the matter world it is important to do this in collaboration. Many aspects cannot even be realized INDIVIDUALLY because the vibration, the density and the INTENSITY have become too high to realize this as a loner.


That is why it is so important that we clarify this, that this penetrates through our high vibration in each of you to the smallest cell memory, and in this smallest cell memory itself there is the memory to recognize this fact, this unity consciousness. It is nothing new. It has been veiled for centuries, unveiled, hidden, but now, and this is very joyful. Now the time has come for you to finally regain access to this consciousness. That is why we urge you, CONTINUE, CONTINUE, KEEP FULL. From what your experience has caused you, as results of positive or negative experiences, but ultimately the final conclusion is always the new insight, and that's what it's all about!


Around these insights you also notice that many souls, in the last period, have chosen for the transition, because of course the veil between the dimensions is very thin, but also because they have chosen soul level now where this piece finished in this incarnation is according to one's own soul the choice to make the transition now and to prepare through new energies, through higher vibrations to be able to reincarnate in this new cycle with totally different and new goals.

Of course, saying goodbye, saying goodbye is another painful experience. But just to be able to transform that pain I am telling you this! Be as happy as the one who has passed over, for she or he now has the full potential, the full possibility to become part of the NEW WORLD in the new form!

And this is, a GIGANTIC, but also a GIGANTICALLY beautiful assignment!


So we urge you to stay in touch with your heart, in such a way that from your intuition, from your feeling, you are constantly being guided, to what is the ultimate positive choice for you at that moment, within the possibilities .


We thank you. And this thanks is GIGANTIC. This gratitude surpasses your comprehension. But we thank you for the wonderful work that you have already realized one by one, without exception. We bow, out of respect, and wish you, everything and everything positive that you can wear. And know that you are ALWAYS helped and supported with your beautiful work!



I greet

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