We would like to share channels that Walter has learned, especially on meditations, with you.

There are also some channels that other people have received during the meditations.

Click on the channels and the link will open.

It is good to let these messages come in and feel what it does to you.




  • Channeling Lord Metatron 5/01/15

  • The Old Man 22/12/14

  • Setchaem 01/14

  • Message from Berg Ararat passed on to Jos Van Geel

  • Grandma Chandra 09/23/13

  • Sir Thomas

  • Setchaem

  • Hathor Mie on the world mediation day of 5/11/12

  • Hathor Mie 10/09/12

  • Setchaem 27/08/12

  • St Germain traded by Margriet 25/06/12

  • Hathor Mie 25/06/12