Message from Mount Ararat passed on to Jos Van Geel


In October during the visit of Judith Moore, Jos Van Geel came our way.

This special man has the gift to make contact with the essentials of mountains.

When a group of light workers went to Turkey to perform energetic work on Mount Ararat, Jos received a message from this special mountain.

Jos wanted to share this ...


Message from Mount Ararat, Turkey

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Via Jos Van Geel


You speak with the body that speaks for the Ararat mountain range.

Dear Jos, this is a message of hope for the world, a message that I, as a volcanic mountain and bearer of the disclosure of male and female energy, want to give shape to in view of the further path to harmony and unification for this world.

It is of great importance to bring the message through different communication channels and to spread it from our recurring hope to unification with everything created. That is why I want to tell you, in the love for what our creator and creator meant to come into existence, after the chaos period of wars, conflicts, sadness and gloom, to return to where we came from: love in complete unity with all that is created, the power to go through the veil again and to feel one with everything that surrounds us, everything that is and is also in ourselves.

Everything is within us and requires liberation, dismantling of the egos and carrots we actually chose, the return of the feminine balanced with the masculine.

This is what can happen now, what is now expected to happen, what shows itself to those who want to hear and feel, see and smell, all our senses are drawn to mobilize for the new world that dawns on the horizon.

Dear Jos, apu of Belgium, connects your power to speak with us in this moment and convey your words to the channels that you reach with the goal of being and becoming reverence, respect, omnipresent love and unity.

In these words of restoring our old values ​​and promise of a hopeful world, the truth is shown again to those who want to see, hear, feel or smell.

The time has come to recover from our accumulated dents that were needed for our path and to renew us with the breath that lives and survives in each of us.

This is what we stand for now and what can happen on the way to a new earth.


Dear envoys of the light, convey this message to those who vibrate with you and experience the same craving.

In love for your power to choose again and again for the light and love in us.

This is Mount Ararat, the opening of male and female harmony.

Thank you Jos for your ears and your words through your heart.

Jos: Thank you in connection with your message.

Let them hear Jos!

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